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How Swede It Is

First edition - 83 pages - 6in x 9in paperback - Graphic design by Robin Bell

Have you ever wondered what it is like to move to a country where you don't speak the language and where traditions are subtly different from the country you left behind?

Join Robin Bell as he makes such a move. Robin moved to Sweden after living for thirty years in Australia. From a land of hot summers, cricket and surfing to a land of thirty degrees below zero temperatures, of bandy and ice hockey

Read about Swedish culinary delights such as raw, fermented Baltic herrings, lingonberry jam in sausage like tubes and Jansson's Temptation

Learn the history behind the Lucia celebrations and the Swedish Midsummer celebrations. Discover where the real Santa Claus lives and how he cools off in summer. Find out the dangers from Trolls in the Swedish forests and the hazards of Swedish roads - and no, we're not talking about Volvo drivers now...


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